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Service Tenet

After-sales Service Tenet 
During product use, maintain the goods value (performance and function) that users expect.
Obtain users’ satisfaction and trust.
Improve the users’ favor to the product.

Three Pillars of After-sales Service 
A. Reception Service – Keeping customers starts from receiving them; make sure to leave a good impression on customers.
1. Smiling Service – make customers feel connected;
2. Prompt Action – make customers feel reassured;
3. Professional Service – make customers trust us.

B. Quality – All the work that customers require should be completed, without any detail missing. 1. Accurate Work – do according to technical demands and operational procedure;
2. Tidy Work – safe, clean and sanitary operation;

C. Efficiency – High efficiency can increase service revenue, reduce customers’ waiting time, and improve customers’ satisfaction.
1. Be punctual;
2. Control budget;
3. Improve services.

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