Corporate Philosophy

1. Focus on Customer Needs 
As a company depends on customers to survive, we should understand customers’ current and future needs in order to meet and even exceed their expectations.
2. Leaders’ Role
Leaders should establish a united tenet and direction of the company, and create and maintain an interior environment in which staff can get full involvement in achieving corporate goals.
3. Full Participation
Staff is the root of an enterprise. Only through their full participation, can their talents be used for brining the company profits.
4. Process Method
Manage activities and related resources as process, so we can get the expected results with higher efficiency.
5. Systematic Approach of Management 
Identify, understand and manage interrelated processes as a system, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise to realize its goals.
6. Continuous Improvement 
Continuous improvement of overall performance should be an eternal goal of the enterprise.
7. Fact-based Decision-making Method 
Effective decision-making is based on analysis of data and information.
8. Mutually-benefited Relationship with Suppliers 
The interdependent and mutually-benefited relationship between our company and our suppliers can increase both parties’ capability in creating value.

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