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1.      Introduction

Double-drum seasoning machine is also called double-roller. It is the flavoring and coating machine for puffed snack food, fried snack food, pet food and fish feed etc. Oil spraying, feeding seasoning and flavoring processes are finished in this machine collectively. Its design is compact, and its automation degree and output is high. It is fit for medium and large puffed food factory.


2.      Features

2.1 High skirt design.

2.2 The raw material for seasoner feeding screw is food grade nylon or stainless steel. They are clean and easy to be cleaned. Feeding process is uniform.

2.3 Feeding speed and drum rotational speed are adjustable. (Equipped with inverter. It is optional.)

2.4 Customizable manufacture. We can design and manufacture as per clients’ requirement.

2.5 Drums are once pressed forming. There is no dead band.

2.6 Full body (include guard board) are made of stainless steel.


3.      Parameters


Installed Power (kw)

Actual Power (kw)

Size (mm)





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