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Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos extruder is unique because every piece is varied in length and diameter giving a home made effect the texture of the product is very distinct. After it is fried the product is crunchy in bite 


Flow chart:

1. Flour Mixer 
To mix corn meal with water to prepare the flour for Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos 

2.  single screw Extruder 
To cook the corn meal and extrude the Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos 
 from the die. The rotary die twists and curls the meal before extruding giving a uniform texture 

3. Automatic Frying Machine 
To fry the Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos in hot cooking oil. The uniform frying introduces the crunchy taste to the Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos 
4. Automatic Flavoring
To add required seasoning to the fried and cooled Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos 
to give the different flavors to them




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