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Potato chips production line


Potato chips factory machines  is one of popular world-wide leisure foods,It’s not only rich in resource ,but also high nutritional value,deeply welcomed by consumers.It is one kind of old and young suitable leisure food, It includes important value protein for human body. Also includes the massive inorganic slat, like phosphorus, iron and so on as well as renieratene and so on 16 nutrition ingredients. Our company develops potato chips/stick production line, has the simplicity of operator, automaticity is high, waste material rate low and so characteristics.

Equipment Composition:

Production Process » Washing » Peeling » Trimming blanching » De-watering » Frying » De-oiling » Inspecting » Seasoning » Packaging

Technical Parameter
Model Water Consumption Power Throughput
Ys-100 Processing Line 3-8T/h 30-60KW 100Kg/h
Ys-200 Processing Line 6-16T/h 60-120KW 200Kg/h




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