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Hot Selling Factory Price Caramel Popcorn Making Machine description:


CE ISO certificated caramel popcorn making machine for sale has a agility scheme, strong

adaptability, has gained good praise and agreement from public. The snack can be directly

extruded from the extruder,dryer and flavor, we can produce all kind of snacand different

shapes by adjusting the dies from extruder.


Popcorn Making Machine Raw materials:


CE ISO certificated popcorn chips snack machinery for sale can take corn, rice, wheat,oat,


Caramel Popcorn Making Machine products:


 It can prouce mushroom shape popcorn or flower shape popcorn.


Flow chart:


 Feeding----popcorn making machine----sugar caramel spraying machine----Drying----


 cooling machine----Packing


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